The story behind Fire Sparks Creation

Lisa is originally from Montreal, Quebec and moved to rural East Hawkesbury with her husband David in the Spring of 2010. Their daughter Emily came along a couple years later. 

Lisa’s professional background is far from bag making and sewing – she’s trained in ecology and environmental science from Vanier College and Concordia University. In 2006, her university studies were interrupted when she got a job at Vanier College as a laboratory technician in the Biology department where she continues to work today. 

With the end of each academic year, Lisa is temporarily laid-off until the beginning of the fall semester. She used to spend most of her free time knitting, and has a basket filled with unfinished projects to show for it. In 2015, she decided to try her hand at quilting as a way to keep busy, and was excited by the notion of completing a project in a weekend! With a vintage sewing machine given to her by her aunt, her only sewing experience dating back to grade 8 home economics class some 20 years earlier, the help of many YouTube videos and  perseverance, Lisa taught herself how to sew. She started with baby quilts and then soon moved on to bags using the vibrant fabrics she found in local quilt shops.

The business came shortly after in 2017 with the encouragement of family and friends. Within a few months, Lisa could be found at various craft shows and vendor events around Eastern Ontario, with her husband and daughter by her side helping out. Lisa started her business as a way to share her love for creative and colourful accessories, and for her daughter – to teach her the value of hard work and the joy that comes with doing something you love.


Each of my bags is carefully handmade, one at a time, in my home studio using quality materials. I make sure that every item that leaves the studio meets my high standards – ensuring you get a quality bag that will last you for years to come!