Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

To become a successful business owner, it takes significant hard work, persistence, patience, and trial and error. There are certainly differences between the entrepreneurs who try and try again with little success, and those who go onto become incredibly successful business people on the global stage.

Let’s explore the secrets of some of the world’s most impactful entrepreneurs, to learn from their knowledge and take advantage of their expertise:

  • Hire to succeed, despite your limitations. 

The owner of Spanx, Sara Blakely, advises that, as an entrepreneur, you should surmount barriers and countless years of indecision by hiring strategically. Whether it be a business partner that gives you the kick you need to stay motivated or a sales representative to get your product known and recognized, it is crucial to determine your weaknesses and hire them out as soon as possible.

  • Provide customers with amazing service.

Many companies struggle to reach their full potential, as they are so focused on the sale of products or services that they forget to provide a phenomenal customer service experience. This is an oversight that you simply can’t afford to make. Prioritize customer service to ensure that your target market consistently feels valued and appreciated, establishing brands relationships of loyalty and trust.

  • Prepare for change and be adaptable.

Things will change, and things will inevitably go wrong despite every effort being made to ensure that processes are running smoothly. It’s important to ensure adaptability and to actively move forward while growing your business. Take inventory of issues that could allow your business to be vulnerable,  such adding protective clauses within partnership agreements or investigating new technologies to stay ahead of the competition, and execute mitigation strategies accordingly.

  • Focus on the 20%.

Steli Efti, Founder of, shared the lessons that he learned while outsourcing non-essential tasks. Among them was the incredibly important notion that you should not necessarily outsource sales too soon. Remember to be hands-on during the onboarding process of your contractors, and be sure to follow up with all prospects to ensure that your brand vision is being effectively and accurately communicated to streamline long-term success in establishing and growing relationships.