Michele Romanow

Michele Romanow
Known for: Co-Founder of ClearBanc

Michele was born in Calgary, AB, Canada, and was always a great student, known to always be ahead of the curve with her ideas and thought processes from a young age. Persistence and assertiveness were evident in her childhood, and the word ‘’no’’ was absent from her vocabulary when setting her sights on a goal. 

At the age of 19, while studying engineering at Queen’s University, Michele decided that she wanted to launch her first venture – a zero-waste tea room on campus. Lacking the funds, she couldn’t get her idea off the ground. However, with much persistence and hard work, her idea came to fruition four years later. It is still on campus to this day. 

In that time, Michele met her future business partners, Anitoily Melnichuck and Ryan Marien, and the three of them began researching business ideas. Soonafter, they opened up Buytopia, which was in the same market as Groupon, and, from there, they launched Snapsave, which was soon bought out by Groupon for $25 million.

In 2015, Michele co-founded Clearbanc, a venture capital firm, with her business partner, Andrew D’Souza. As part of Clearbanc’s mission of helping entrepreneurs rise to success, they consistently honour a 10% discount for all female entrepreneurs, and have provided start-ups with over $100 million in funding.

With streamlined success and an inspiring entrepreneurial story, Michele is now recognized as the youngest individual to be a Dragon on Dragon’s Den, a hit Canadian TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their business concepts to seek funding and mentorship support from the well-established Dragons.

Throughout her career, Michele has helped numerous Canadian start-ups and small businesses access funding, and is dedicated to helping businesses establish themselves and achieve sustainable success across the globe. An inspiring and innovative story housed within Canadian borders.

To explore Michele’s ventures with Clearbanc, please visit: https://clearbanc.com