Matthew Tsoumaris

Matthew Tsoumaris
Known for: Co-Founder of Honeycomb Hospitality

Born in Toronto, ON, Matthew Tsoumaris came from a family of hospitality. He grew up travelling the world, interested in trying out new restaurants, and, as he got older, he took an interest in the nightlife industry. Always learning and staying ahead of trends, he wanted to create a community in his hometown of Toronto. He soon followed in his family’s footsteps and created more than a dozen entertainment venues. 

Tsoumaris has been instrumental in elevating Toronto’s culinary and nightlife scene over the past 15 years, before founding HoneyComb Hospitality – an entertainment management company based in Toronto. Tsoumaris led Honeycomb to the creation of four of Toronto’s most popular and highly coveted culinary and nightlife venues: Baro, Petty Cash, Dasha, and the Citizen. 

The company has created a plethora of employment opportunities in the city, infused the area with culture, and built a community of dynamic entertainment. Tsoumaris has taken Toronto nightlife by storm, and he is known to be the reason for King Street West’s revitalization, which is now often compared to the top cities in the world for entertainment.

Matthew Tsoumaris is one of Canadian Top 20 Entrepreneurs, and has plans to not only keep building in his hometown, but to expand beyond Canadian borders.