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We encourage you to try shopping at local shops, restaurants and other local shops and we can guarantee you that you will find some great treasures you didn’t even know it was so close to you!  Check out our latest local deals!

Local businesses help build stronger communities

Our community of local shops and businesses maintain colourful city centres, connect neighbours socially and economically and engage with local concerns.  The trend towards small shops has the potential to support the local economy while building a more vibrant and united society.

Local businesses such as restaurants and grocery stores often offer more local jobs than large chains. If you shop in a locally run store, you can shop much more sustainably than with a large chain.

When you buy from a local business, they work with you, which works for them, and you give them money back for buying goods from other local businesses, which in turn directly contribute to the economy of the community. Shopping locally also reduces your environmental impact, because local businesses tend to buy their own goods and services locally.

Buying locally means that you are actually supporting your own community in more ways than you think. Local shopping also allows you to discover the unique things your community has to offer.

There are many local businesses that support local charities that are particularly relevant to your area, and by buying locally you can help increase the number of local donations. There is no right or wrong way to support, but if you would rather help support a local, buying locally is a great way to do so.

Local entrepreneurs are the people who live here, work here and invest in the community. Small purchases are one of the most important aspects of local business ownership and an important part of a healthy local economy.

Support Local!