Embrun Pottery: The Artistic Work of Glen Dunning

We want to welcome our newest section, Embrun Pottery. You will fall in love with the artistic creations in this section. And the artisan behind these incredible designs is Glen Dunning. Born in Ottawa, Canada, Glen has had his fair share of experiences in the field, drawing inspirations from all corners of the earth. Here’s a short history of his work experience background. I’ll try to make it as brief as possible. 

Glen Dunning’s Work Experience

After studying pottery at Holland College School of Visual Arts in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Glen returned to Ottawa to work with three other potters at the Crossroads Craft Co-op.  Glen produced and sold his functional wheel thrown pottery at Crossroads from 1973 to 1979. 

Later, Glen went overseas to work as a technical advisor in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Africa, with C.U.S.O. Glen helped to set up a local pottery industry in the area. At the completion of his tour he joined two friends and drove a Landover north from Nigeria across the Sahara Desert to Algiers, crossed the Mediterranean by ferry to France, and then drove north to London. Glen then returned to Ottawa and worked at CCOC one of the largest not for profit housing corporations in Canada.

But it was not until 1991 that Glen rediscovered his passion for pottery and started working at his atelier in Embrun where he makes and displays his pottery, producing a wide range of wheel-thrown functional porcelain tableware, wall plaques, and non-functional sculptural pieces.

What to expect from Embrun Pottery?

Have you seen the Embrun Pottery section yet? If not, then you are missing out. Glen is such a talented potter that you will be begging for more after getting a glimpse of Embrun Pottery. Without a doubt, pottery is a fun activity, but only a few individuals can truly bring out this craft’s beauty. And from what we can tell, Glen is one of them. What’s more, his adventures in West Africa and Europe give him an edge over his peers.

Why should you shop from Embrun Pottery?

Pottery is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a craft that requires experience, dedication, and most importantly, passion. With that in mind, Glen has shown his commitment and passion for his work. There’s so much in store for you. The best part is that these pieces are elegant and exquisite. 

Embrun Pottery is a showroom where Glen dedicates his full time to sharing his love for pottery with you. And his passion and dedication clearly show in the art pieces in this section. Not to forget, these pieces are relatively affordable. From unique hand-painted vases, wine cooler to coffee mugs and teacups. 

At Embrun pottery, there’s something for everyone. Take this opportunity to accessorize your interior décor with incredible pottery art. All these items are hand created by Glen, who took his time to get the right experience to offer you this service. If you want to get the best pottery designs that will equally complement your interior décor, Embrun pottery is here for you.