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Discover our local businesses list providing you with the chance to find, shop and buy local by discovering what our region has to offer in terms of local businesses.  A wide variety of services, products and artists make up our list of businesses and its growing everyday as we add more businesses in the weeks to come.  Happy browsing and make sure to refer a business to our platform to make it even more exciting!

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We look forward to being a part of your special celebration!…

La ferme Mariposa offre une gamme étendue d’aliments produits localement par des agriculteurs passionnés.…

Check out our most popular flowers!…

Onésie manches courte pour bébé avec design…

verre de vin simple ou couple…

ensemble oreiller…

ensemble oreiller…

Includes a Health History and Assessment to best determine personalized, custom formulation. For those with specific acute issues only. Can be over the phone, or video conference. Does not include cost of formulation/blend/product.…

Fresh this year, Men's Scrub Soap, with certified organic ingredients of sunflower, olive, palm, shea and cocoa butters. Exfoliating loofah, poppyseeds and scents of patchouli, orange and lavender essential oils. Ideal for Men (and women). Get your's now!…

Needing a fresh start or lifestyle overhaul? An in depth Health Assessment will be conducted, along with goal identification and setting to menu plan your wellness. Includes personalized options for nutrition, supplements, aromatherapeutic formulas, herbals, exercise according to your goals and needs. Initial consultation includes 30 min. follow-up.…

Lavender, citrus energy and rose bouquet…

Our Organic beeswax & soy candles and hand poured in small batches by our artisans Essential oils and fragrance blends are added and stirred in slowly for a complete blend. Tins are eco friendly and reusable visit for full inventory 8 oz 24hr + burn time…


Leeca St-Aubin Photography

La ferme local

Gaia Créations

H&B Fashion

The Review

Local Business PR Pizza

PR Pizza



















Support & Discover Our Local Businesses

Discover our local businesses who offers a variety of commodities, goods, products or services and has a moderate number of customers.  Local businesses provides local employment and contributes to employment in other businesses.  

The Importance Of Shopping Local

  1. Local businesses provide a unique community. When you go out of town, you don’t go to places that you could easily attend in your own city
  2. Local jobs are created.
  3. Your community becomes more of a destination.
  4. Local businesses know what you want.
  5. It creates a positive impact on your local economy.

Local shopping is a new way to create a unique neighborhood And it’s a great way for everyday consumers to make a conscious decision to buy products, clothing and everyday items from local businesses instead of going to a big retailer.

Local businesses help build stronger communities, maintain colourful city centres, connect neighbours socially and economically and engage with local concerns. The trend towards small shops has the potential to support the local economy while building a more vibrant and united society. 

When you shop at local businesses, a much larger percentage of your money is returned to the local economy. If you support your community, local places can provide more local jobs than if you shop at a large chain, and if you shop at a local business, you can recycle a lot more of it back into the community.