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The largest and most extensive assortment of embroidery designs can be found here. Fashion Work Wear can initiate custom embroidery projects in-house and save you money!

You will never have to look any further then you are now for high-quality and excellent embroidery work. Why trust something you can not see take shape? When you can see the superiority in the work being done right in front of your eyes, you will see instant satisfaction knowing you came to the right place.

Craftsmanship and quality embroidery can be done on the smallest piece of fabric like a handkerchief or baby wash cloth to something bigger like a bath robe, sports coat or jacket. If it has fabric on it, it can be embroidered with a custom design or company logo!

Starting from the colors of the thread and working your way to the needles and everything in between, it can be rewarding feeling when you see your end product! You are bound to find exactly what you’re looking for in an on-site embroidery shop that is offered to you. Everything is done by the in-house staff that is experienced and knowledgeable in the art of embroidery. So you know you are get the best embroidered custom design or company logo exactly the way you imagined it.