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Are you struggling to eat what the experts tell you is a healthy diet?
There’s so much information about nutrition going around that it often becomes a challenge to stay on top of the latest recommendations.
Eating should be fun and enjoyable—not confusing.
You can keep it simple by applying practical nutrition.
This is a live event. You can ask him your questions.

Join us in this webinar, where Dr. Richard Brouse will share simple strategies to keep you and your family healthy in a fast food world.

Presented by Dr. Richard Brouse, MA, DC, DACBM, CCN – Biochemistry
Dr. Brouse is a chiropractic physician, biochemist, certified clinical nutritionist, teacher, author, and lecturer on health preservation and disease prevention.
He founded The Sunnyside Health Center and Chiropractic Clinic in 1977.
He is passionate about helping people gain control of their health, and he accomplishes this by designing individual programs for his patients using diet, exercise, stress management, and the use of proven nutritional supplements.
In this free webinar, you’ll learn:
What practical nutrition is
The role nutrition plays in your health
Why more people are looking to integrative health care and prevention
The role supplementation plays in overall health
Plus, much more!

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