Your Ottawa to Montreal bilingual Birth Photographer, Perinatal Educator & Doula! Votre photographe, éducatrice et accompagnatrice à la naissance bilingue, desservant partout entre Ottawa et Montréal !


At home or in hospital, virtual doula support can happen everywhere!
For personalized support, I can offer your well deserving future parent a private consultation on demand. Gift certificates are made according to an hourly rate of 100$/hour payed in advance, but can be topped for longer term provided services depending on individual needs. In covid times, we don’t know how much services are needed, but we do know that most feel lonely and isolated, especially new families… Make your gift, the best baby shower gift there is. Or gather many family and friends, to provide the full package of prenatal education workshops, doula support for birth (according to birth place of choice and laws at time of birth) and birth photography which amounts to a minimum of 4000$.

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