Healing Arts and Energy Medicine - Crystal Grids & More



Distant Crystal Therapy & Reiki
Session Includes:
– 30 mins. Crystal Therapy
– Crystal Grid Activation For Extended Healing
– Detailed Energy Analysis Emailed

Detailed Energy Analysis Includes
Chakras energies overview
Crystals and grid meaning
Channelled messages from Guides
Wellness suggestions for continued self healing at home

If you would like to meet before your session, please book in an initial energy consult as well.

Distant energy medicine such as crystal therapy and reiki move through space and time to be delivered.
Receive healing while you sleep, meditate, dance, do yoga or relax in a distraction free environment.

Distant Crystal Therapy & Reiki Session
Also Includes:
A photo of your crystal grid to use as a tool for self healing; visualization and intention building

Pay what you can
Energy exchange
(Product for Service or Service for Service)

If sending energy exchange as e-transfer, please send to newmoonartsshop@gmail.com.
If you would like to discuss an energy exchange please message me on IG @newmoonarts or by email newmoonartsshop@gmail.com.

I will connect with you within 24 hrs to confirm your session.