Healing Arts and Energy Medicine - Crystal Grids & More



Crystal grids are spiritual technology, operating with the energies and wisdom of crystals, sacred geometry and numerology. This tool can be used for manifesting, raising vibrations and offering support during healing. With a focused intention, each crystal is intuitively chosen and placed into geometric patterns. They are exceptional aids during meditation or for elevating and clearing energies from any room.
Healing reiki boards incorporate the human figure in the grid to allow for a crystal body grid. During a crystal therapy/ reiki session, crystals would be placed onto the client’s clothed body, enabling the energy medicine to clear, cleanse and unblock the bodies main energy centres. A healing board empowers distant healing; the client does not need to be present in order to receive energy medicine. Energy can flow through the body, travelling across space and time. The healing board gives the practitioner a visualization of the client, strengthening the intention and healing capabilities.

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