Au Natural – Organic Raw sugar scrub massage with organic coconut
oil conditioner, Organic hypoallergenic shampoo, nail grinding. $19.99 Great for sensitive skin!

Gentle Aromatherapy Spaw – Sugar scrub massage with Lavender essential oil, deep conditioning wrap, lavender scented shampoo and nail grinding. (20 minutes of deep relaxation) $25.00 (not available for cats)

Coming Soon! Buddha Dog – Sugar scrub massage with Green tea essential oils, and Green tea detoxifying shampoo, and conditioner. $15.00

Itchy Dog – Enriched Omega 3 deep cleansing shampoo, moisture infused conditioner, and non-scented finishing spray to tame static. Perfect for shedding dogs and dry skin! $9.99

Blue Berry Facial Scrub – Deep cleaning and fresh scented facial, complete with head massage. $5.00