CONTEMPORARY FINE ART for your home, office, ranch or cottage. Specializing in florals, equine art, wildlife, and rural landscapes.


My work centers around a rural theme. I am happy to share my passion through art classes, book a private consult for artwork or prints that you may wish to own or display in your home, office or cottage. It is also a huge honour to create one of a kind, heartfelt commissions for that special someone in your life.

My upbringing greatly influenced my lens on the world. I use my artwork as an outlet for contemplative exploration of deeper concepts reflecting on how I and we, as humans, relate to an ever-changing landscape and environment. Painting rural subject matter for me is both a cathartic and documentative means to record a way of life that is slowly disappearing. It serves as a history of the homesteads, the people, animals and agriculture of the beautiful region of Prescott & Russell.

About Crystal’s Work: Crystal Beshara is an international, multi- award winning contemporary realist painter living in Eastern Ontario.
She has been drawing and painting since childhood inspired by her rural upbringing in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Crystal moves easily between watercolour, oil and dry media. Her work is recognizable with it’s rich, earth toned palette and emotionally charged, rural narrative. She spent years as a child observing and quietly illustrating the life around her which has informed the accuracy of her anatomy in both her flora and fauna subject matter as well as her ability to capture expression and emotion in her portraits.
She holds a BFA in Studio and a Botanical Illustration diploma from the Society of Botanical Artists (UK). She has been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur and International Artist Magazine , CBC radio , CTV television and more. (Scroll down for more awards and recognition).
Crystal is also a regularly invited Juror, Arts Educator and offers painting workshops abroad (Santa Fe, Greece, Wyoming, Newfoundland, France, England and Mexico).