CONTEMPORARY FINE ART for your home, office, ranch or cottage. Specializing in florals, equine art, wildlife, and rural landscapes.


About this Video Tutorial: Introductory & Intermediate (Runtime 1hr )

In this workshop I’ll be teaching you how to paint this illustrative style watercolour of a male robin on a blossoming spring branch. I’m going to guide you along the way with visual, verbal and pop up tips to highlight key points. My signature STEP by STEP style of working light to dark, big to small and applying all of the wet into wet areas first will help you to feel more in control of watercolour.

The video is filled with lots of techniques, tips and reminders. It is broken up into segments which require drying time, giving you a chance to catch your breath. If you like, you can watch the video in it’s entirety first, watch and practice each step separately (before you put it all together) or you can dive right in with me today! It’s totally up to you!

You’ll also receive
• A full list of materials & set up guidelines
• Colour Chart
• A downloadable reference image to sketch or print and trace & transfer.

I’ve been working in watercolour for over 40 years and teaching watercolour workshops all over the world for over 20!