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Welcome to Wendy’s EarthlyEssentials!

Learning, sharing, exploring. Do you think that’s all Wendy has been doing for the past 25 years? Nope. This certified Aromatherapist – Chartered Herbalist – Nutritionist – Gemmotherapist – Cannabis for Health Care Practitioner – Orthotherapist – Anatomy Trains – Yoga Teacher (pfffiu! did I forget anything?) also makes her own soaps, skin care, formulations and herbal remedies.

Wendy loves to study, be outdoors, forage, make potions…
She’s well prepared to provide you with opportunities to enhance, improve and maintain optimal health.

Want to enjoy her massage, and aromatherapy services? Looking for great health products and advice ?

I bet you do!!!

Come take a look at EarthlyEssentials’ great products and services

In addition to doing yourself a lot of good, you will support a local business based in Embrun!

Double the goodness. 😀

Hey, I DID forget something: Wendy is an active Member of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, American Botanical Association and American Herbal Guild.

There. 🙂