Passion for our shop local region with Love ❤️

About Our Shop Local Initiative

Our Story

The fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic caused many of us to look around at our local businesses and that was reflected by citizens who began to put significant effort into supporting local by sourcing local food and products. For their part, local businesses re-tooled and started selling online any way they could and offered curbside or home delivery.  Our Shop Local initiative was born!
At that time, four of us (Patrick Brunet, owner of Allea Marketing; Leeça St-Aubin (high school teacher, photographer and writer), Pamela Brasseur, artist/artisan, and Louise Sproule, Publisher of The Review) connected online and spoke about the need for a central online marketplace from which people could purchase all manner of local products securely.
Patrick Brunet said he had a marketplace that was built and almost ready to launch that could serve the purpose. The four of us began meeting daily to discuss the work to be done. We contacted more than 50 organizations, made dozens of phone calls, sent emails, solicited participation via Facebook, spoke with federal deputy, local mayors, the counties & tourism staff, numerous other community organizations, numerous farmers’ markets and contacted local chambers of commerce, business groups and organizations.
Take a look at our Youtube Video, where we each reveal why we are so passionate about supporting local, and we mounted a media campaign.

Finally a shop local commerce platform

It is very difficult to find local producers with platforms such as Google, Amazon, Groupon that people revert to go shop at large stores such as Walmart and Costco.  We want to put an end to this!

Our Local Center Marketplace was born on the idea that at any point you want to find who is brewing craft beer or sells fresh eggs or sells deals on cars or who does tax returns…the answer is waiting with a simple search!  No ads or complex results to sift through.

We are actively working every day to get businesses and producers to sign up on this website, which will be a directory, but a local marketplace to offer affordable e-commerce solutions to all businesses and participants so that people selling wine, beer, meat, prepared food, art, jewellery, bread and more will have a ready-to-go online shop. 

Allea Solutions is a Canadian owned and operated company dedicated to local commerce between businesses & customers

We are a local-focused company on the verge of expansion to become a leading “local only” online retail platform leader.  Our marketplace site is where you go to whenever you want to find, shop and buy something, anytime and anywhere.  By expanding the company’s footprint and relationships, Allea offers its customers a vast local marketplace with connectivity between the public and the local businesses, vendors, producers, artists, community organizations. 

Buyers discover the best of their region can offer on the web or mobile with our Local Center Marketplace, book their holidays, find a wide range of arts, electronics, fashion, furnishings, services for home or business and much more!

Allea redefines how traditional small businesses attract, retain and interact with customers by providing businesses, vendors, artists, community organizations with a suite of products and services, including customizable storefronts that help them grow and operate more efficiently.  Our goal is to connect to local commerce by increasing the purchasing power of customers while generating more activity for local sellers through prizes and communications.

The e-commerce marketplace is operated and published by Allea Solutions Corporation, which assumes full responsibility for the editorial content that it decides to publish on the site.

Our passion for you

That’s our passion.  It is now yours to discover.  Have fun discovering local vendors, producers, service businesses and send us your feedback at any point here