2020 Holiday Gift Guide


It’s no secret that 2020 has surprised most of us in ways we would never have imagined twelve months ago. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t spread a little Christmas cheer making our loved ones smile.

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s crucial to keep our small businesses in the Prescott and Russell area top of mind when tackling our Christmas shopping lists.

We get it…every channel is full of catchy holiday advertisements from the big chain stores, promising the biggest bargains and lowest prices for the season. Not to mention the art of making us feel safe if we order online.

But the big end stores are not your only option for buying Christmas gifts online with ease and safety. There are tons of local shops that are needing our business. The bonus is, you’ll be supporting the local businesses and community of people that make Prescott and Russell such a wonderful place to live.

Shopping local helps us to foster and grow our community, making meaningful connections that drive exceptional customer service and satisfaction.


Shopping local supports the community’s economy

When you shop locally, you recirculate that money back into the local economy. When you give your money to the big chain stores, the recirculation of money drops dramatically. Why not reinvest your money back into a local business and support a local family instead of the big corporations’ pockets?

Shopping local boosts jobs

Small businesses are the largest employers nationally, creating two out of every three new jobs. So, when you shop local, you generate job stability for the current workers in the community and potentially open the door for more local hiring opportunities.

Shopping local gives talented artists exposure

Small communities are often full of creatives who can’t afford expensive shop space in large malls. When you shop local, whether online or in person, you are giving our artisans the exposure they need to grow their business.

Shopping local means a healthier option

Fruits and vegetables are at their most nutritious when they are ripe. The minute they are picked they start to degrade. That means by the time they travel across the country to your table, they are depleted of critical nutrients. When you shop and eat locally, you’re ensuring you’re getting a healthier and tastier version of what might be found in large chain stores. Trust us, your belly will love it when you are feasting on the fresh, fruity goodness that you found at the local Farmers Market.

Shopping local gets you personalized service and products

Most retail chain stores are devoid of customer service. Staff are stretched so thin they can barely acknowledge your existence. Small businesses and shopping local give you personalized customer service and unique, handcrafted items. These individuals are passionate about their products and services. They believe in what they are doing, and it shows through their customer service.

We live in a community full of hidden gems that need our support now more than ever. Help sustain the Russell and Prescott communities by shopping locally and giving the hard-working small business owners in your town the opportunity to thrive beyond the pandemic.



Here are some holiday gift ideas that are much more original than the presents you’d buy from any big box store. You’ll notice this guide to be full of local deals that you can take advantage of online or in person.

It is without a doubt that you will find something in this guide to shopping locally that will make an excellent gift for your family, friends, or co-workers.

The Art Lover

We have a fantastic collection of art experiences to choose from, including lessons, photography sessions, portrait sittings, and unique local art and craft pieces. These gifts aren’t just for the art connoisseur, but for the curious at heart. This is the perfect opportunity to give an exclusive experience or piece, handcrafted with the receiver in mind.